I'm a journalist and author. I write social affairs, global health and travel and lifestyle features for clients including The Observer, The Sunday Times and The BMJ I also compile radio pieces for outlets including Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent and Monocole radio, lecture on gender and journalism and put in occasional TV appearances as a feminist pundit.

My first full-length book, The Kama Sutra Diaries, investigates modern India and Indian sexuality against the backdrop of the British Raj and the Delhi rape uprisings. Published in the UK by Nicholas Brealey in 2013, Tata Westland in India in 2014 and Dowody na Istnienie in Poland in 2016 it achieved a listing in The Scotsman's 'travel books of the year' 2014. My 2020 book The Home Stretch (Or Why We Need to Talk About Who Does the Dishes) was published by Atlantic Books in 2020 and interrogates housework through a historical/pop feminist lens and my next book will look at the promise and perils of femtech.

I also run agency The India Story Agency, a journalistic collaboration, with Delhi-based columnist Geetanjali Krishna. We are 2022 Gates Foundation/EJC grantees for our work on global health in India.

I hold a Master's in Gender Studies from SOAS, The University of London, have lived in the US, India and Spain am now based in Greenwich, southeast London, with my partner Tim and son Leo.
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