the kama sutra diaries (2013/2014)
The Kama Sutra Diaries is published in the UK and US by Nicholas Brealey and India by Tata Westland.

Praise for The Kama Sutra Diaries:

‘Absolutely riveting…I could not put it down. Everything you wanted to know about sex…in India, but never dared ask.’ MARK SHAND, author of Travels on My Elephant and winner of Travel Writer of the Year Award.

Giles Foden for Conde Nast Traveller ‘Intimate journeys through modern India - this is the first book to focus exclusively on sexual experience. There is much eye-watering and mind-boggling stuff – You come away with the sense that sexual behaviour in the West is fairly narrow by comparison,’

“Reading some books is like walking through treacle, this is absolutely brilliant – every page is a new revelation.” Nihal Show BBC Asian Network

\'Counter-cultural and defying expectation, it lays open India s marketing of sex and shines its light on the mistreatment of women, sexual practices, addictions and presumptions. An intriguing insight into a country which gave us the fabled Kama Sutra but where couples still fear to hold hands in public.\' Scotsman

“The Kama Sutra Diaries shows the brave new world of sexual revolution, the author knows India incredibly well and shows the clash and tension between the old perspectives and the new ones. It’s an amazing story.” The Monocle Weekly Radio Show

\'An intelligent and informative look at changing sexual attitudes and behaviour in India. It includes tackling the increasingly hostile attitudes towards women, from the notorious gang-rape on a bus of a 23-year-old woman student Delhi last December that made the world notice, to an \"epidemic\" of domestic murders that have inspired feminist flash-mobs and demonstrations.\' Sunday Herald

\"The Kama Sutra Diaries is equal parts travelogue and cultural analysis, blending vivid characters with upbeat prose and humor. With this entertaining read, Howard pushes past taboo to give us a more exposed India.\" Mother Jones (US)

\"In this spirited travelogue, British journalist Sally Howard roams India reporting on the country’s growing sexual revolution. Sally Howard’s voice is engaging and lively throughout, and while a work like this runs the risk of being called out for appropriation, Howard’s writing strikes the right balance between curiosity and respect for an ancient and diverse culture.\" BUST magazine (US)

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Great Cycle Journeys (2010)
Author of Burgundy, Italy and Yorkshire Dales chapters in Great Cycle Journeys of the World (2010,
New Holland).

\"Warning - it\'s enough to make you give up your day job and head for the hills\" London Cyclist

\"The perfect companion for cyclists and adventure travel enthusiasts - and for armchair travellers!\" Destination France
The Home Stretch (2020)
The Home Stretch (Or Why the Feminist Revolution Stalled at the Kitchen Sink)

Fifty years of feminism and still women do most of the housework: why?

Via social history, archive material on the 1970s Wages for Housework movement and interviews with outliers such as Sweden\'s stay-at-home latte papas and Brussels\' Trailing Males, Sally Howard investigates discovers why the feminist revolution stalled at the kitchen sink. (And what we need to do to push on to the Home Stretch.)
200 Amazing Places (2017)
Inclusions on Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal and Mumbai\'s Ganesh Visarjan.
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